1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini

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1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini
Art.-Nr.: TE-1590
Samples data frames directly from the bus without influencing the original network.
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The 1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini is the first device to allow the direct capture of 1000BASE-T1 (Automotive Gigabit Ethernet) traffic with optional timestamping with 40 ns resolution to Standard Gigabit Ethernet.


A clock synchronization with the 100BASE-T1 SPY 12 Port is provided via internal 802.1AS implementation.


In logging mode the data Frames can be enhanced with additional information: the exact timestamp with 0.04 µs resolution and the bus port the data was originally received on. All data can be recorded on a PC or datalogger for detailed offline analysis.


Different SPY modes are allowed:

    1. Copying each direction of 1000BASE-T1 Traffic to one independent RJ45 interface
    2. Allowing copy of both directions of 1000BASE-T1 Traffic to only one RJ45 interface, assuming less than 500Mbps traffic bandwidth in each direction.
    3. Use as Dual MediaConverter


  • 2 x 1000BASE-T1 Ports
  • Samples data frames directly without influencing the original network.
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Power requirements: 12 Volt DC Nominal (8-16 Volts), 4 to 7 Watt
  • 6x 3V3 Bidirectional Trigger signals
  • DIP switches for easy configuration
  • Robust steel case
  • Size: 120x118x28 mm
  • Timestamp with 0.04 µs resolution selectable
  • Can be synchronized via 802.1AS with other devices, such as 100BASE-T1 SPY 12 Port


Further information below


1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini- Flyer (PDF)
1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini - User Manual v2.2
1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini - Wireshark Dissector v2.0


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Active TAPs
1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini
Art.-Nr.: TE-1590
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