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We master Automotive networks like no one else

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  • Testing of complex ECUs

    We offer a full range of test solutions and validation services for the automotive industry and related high-tech industries.

  • Development of Software and Hardware Solutions

    Our reliable and innovative hardware and software products make us the market leader in BroadR-Reach and Automotive Ethernet.

  • Consulting and Management

    We always pursue a holistic approach and therefore complement our range of services through competent consultants and an excellent network.

  • Systems Engineering

    Above all, our system engineers are characterized by their interdisciplinary expertise – particularly in the automotive industry. They possess not only the necessary analytical in-depth knowledge and the practical know-how, but also the indispensable general overview of the overall system.

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For over a decade we develop in close collaboration with our customers high quality products for the testing of control units. Among our customers we count numerous, internationally well established OEMs and suppliers.

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Pioneers of Automotive
Ethernet Testing

Media Converter

A Media Converter is a simple, small solution to connect a standard PC using commercial Ethernet to a device using Automotive Ethernet. This is often needed for test benches and laboratory setups, as a translator for Automotive Ethernet. Our converters are available in different formats and sizes for a variety of use cases.


Our Switch-Based products enable the distribution of messages between multiple other connected devices. In an Automotive Ethernet network, they act as the middle device in a star topology. Our Automotive Ethernet switches, like the Media Gateway or EES, are available for 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 and offer AVB / TSN functionalities.


The Capture Modules of Technica are a data logging solution and act as active taps. They allow the user to log bus communication in test cars and lab setups with a unified, precise time stamp. All Capture Modules are synchronized to each other (e.g. via the TECMP protocol) and all bus traffic can be read out in a unified way

Software solutions

Technica offers different software products that enable the user to execute advanced tasks in Automotive testing and development. The year-long experience of Technica is contained in our software products. They allow the user to test state-of-the-art technologies with a toolset that includes all necessary functionalities in a simplified way.

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Our Mission

We understand the car as a network. We master this network like no one else - guiding the customer along the entire product creation process.

Joseba Rodriguez

Founder & CEO


Technica Engineering was founded in 2008 by Joseba Rodriguez in Munich, Germany.


with our own sites and international partners, Technica is present in 6 continents


More than 95% of employees hold an academic title.


We are testing electronics to
help skilled people build the future