A holistic approach to your Automotive network: Technica’s System Engineers reduce risks and bring exceptional quality to the table – driving your project to the next level. Our USP: We know what comes next. Driving your project to the next level with highly skilled experts. 

Fun Facts

  •    – The earlier our System Engineers are involved in your
  •      projects, the less your projects will cost – save up to 25%!
  •    – We will help you bring your product to life, supporting
  •      every step of the way – Time to market 50% faster!
  •    – With our taskforce experience we will make sure your
  •      project skyrockets!

System Architecture and Concepts 

We develop new and highly efficient communication system architectures to manage existing and future requirements of OEMs. The development of new architectures includes proof of concepts, validation strategies, and implementation of prototypes. 


We are currently supporting various OEMs from several countries in the development of new zone-based architectures. 

Communication Protocols 

We are working on several committees to expand and improve existing communication protocols supporting with our knowledge. The main goal is to extend the bandwidth from legacy bus systems and topologies such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, to Ethernet-based (zone) architectures including all necessary bus topologies to offer the ideal solution to the customer. 

Security and Validation Concepts 

A large part of our work is to ensure secure communication between various components in vehicles and between vehicles and the backend. Therefore, we provide validation concepts, develop test setups and test cases. We carry out initial tests and then hand over the project to the experienced hands of our colleagues from the security environment.