Switched-Based Universal EMC Device

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Universal EMC Device
Part Number: TE-1085
Obsolete product from February 2022
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The Universal EMC Device is a revolutionary testing solution to perform data logging and traffic generation under high electromagnetic radiations without influencing your measurements.


Covering multiple bus topologies, the Universal EMC Device is Technica Engineering’s switch-based solution for the interaction with automotive ECUs under EMC conditions. It is ideal for data generation, forwarding, logging and manipulation and designed for the use inside EMC chambers. The Universal EMC Device enables bidirectional communication between a PC test system and ECUs using CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1) busses. Further, wake-up lines via Ethernet using SFP interfaces can be connected. The advantage of SFP interfaces in this scenario is that optical SFP modules can be used for EMC-neutral data transmission from within the EMC chamber to the outside.

The core of the Universal EMC Device is an Ethernet Switch (Broadcom Leo), which is also in use in automotive series-projects. Through the integrated webserver, the Universal EMC Device is easy to configure using a standard web browser. The configuration website includes master/slave settings for 100BASE-T1 ports, port mirroring, single VLAN (802.1q) and double VLAN (802.1q-in-q) tagging configuration, a port status display and wake-up lines. The LIN, CAN/-FD, FlexRay and WUP settings can also be comfortably managed via the configuration website. The configuration can be exported via the browser’s download function and uploaded to any other Universal EMC Device.

The Universal EMC Device features 4 ports of 100BASE-T1 (100Mbit/s Fullduplex on a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable), an automotive MQS connector with 1 x FlexRay, 6 x CAN/-FD, 2 x LIN, and 2 x WUP lines, also 2x Standard Gigabit Ethernet SFP module sockets. Moreover, it includes 1 port for Fast Ethernet (OBD), which makes it an easy-to-manage, quick and efficient solution for multipurpose in-vehicle communication testing in EMC settings.

Technica Engineering’s Universal EMC Device is a highly practical tool for test and evaluation under tough EMC environmental conditions.

With only one optical fiber Ethernet connection, you will have access to all the automotive interfaces. The device will automatically take care of the conversion between Gigabit Ethernet and the automotive standard busses, in a bidirectionall way.

(Disclaimer: please contact Technica about current limitations with LIN)

  • 6x CAN/CAN-FD
  • 4x 100BASE-T1 ports
  • 2x SFP GB Ethernet ports
  • 2x LIN channels
  • 1x FlexRay (Channel A)
  • 1x OBD port (Fast Ethernet)
  • 1x Reset button
  • 18x Status LED
  • Voltage range: 12 Volts
  • Electrical power range: 4 to 7 Watt
  • Robust stainless steel case
  • Size: 135 x 132 x 30 mm




Universal EMC Device - Flyer (PDF)
Universal EMC Device - User Manual v2.4
Universal EMC Device - Cable set v1.5
Universal EMC Device - EU Declaration of conformity
Universal EMC Device release v0.25.1


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Universal EMC Device
Art.-Nr.: TE-1085

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