Time synchronization test bench

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Test Benches and HIL systems
Component test bench for timesync tests
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Test your Automotive ECUs for time synchronization according to gPTP (802.1AS)
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The Timesync Test Benches of Technica Engineering are increasingly of interest for Automotive OEMs in terms of testing individual ECUs for the correct time synchronization. With this test bench, we use our hardware products combined with a Linux-based test environment to check if the time synchronization of an ECU according to gPTP (802.1AS) is working as expected.

The test bench can be used for different test scenarios, including Jitter measurements, latency tests or also for manipulations of the gPTP messages. Time synchronization is an important topic in the Automotive industry, since more and more ECUs are coming into modern vehicle networks and it is necessary that the devices work on the same timing basis. This enables important use functionalities, as for example in the infotainment or driving assistance areas. In testing, unsynchronized logfiles are also a challenge when it comes to error handling.

Our Timesync Test Bench can check the proper reaction of the ECU after an incoming gPTP synchronization request and check if the setting of the joint time, as sent by the grand master, is working properly. Our Capture Module LIN Combo is used for the Jitter tests, while our Capture Module 1000High perfectly realizes tests cases regarding latency.

This test bench is designed as a component test bench, so one ECU is tested at a time. If the time synchronization of a whole network of ECUs should be tested, please contact our sales team via sales@technica-engineering.de. Our team is of course also available for any questions or customization requests regarding the Timesync Test Bench, feel free to reach out to us!

  • Test PC (Linux-based)
  • Timesync test suite (software)
  • Ca. 100 standard test cases in continuous improvement
  • Oscilloscope
  • Capture Modules: CM CAN Combo, CM LIN Combo, CM 1000 High
  • Media Converters depending on the ECUs to be tested
  • Individual connectors for OEM ECUs and pinning plans
  • Movable test bench on rollers
  • Customizations possible


If you have any question or you are wishing to receive the User Manual or more information on Time synchronization test bench, feel free to contact us at technicalsales@technica-engineering.de



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Test Benches and HIL systems
Component test bench for timesync tests
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