Capture Module 1000 High

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Capture Module IVN technologies
CM 1000 High
Art.-Nr.: TE-1176
Capture your Automotive Gigabit Ethernet traffic without interfering the original network
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The Capture Module 1000 High is used to capture the traffic with 6 ports, up-to 6 point-to-point 1000BASE-T1 connection (12 ports in total). The traffic is captured without causing interference on the network and delivered with a 40 ns resolution hardware time stamp, making the analysis of AVB/ TSN traffic possible.

They provide all the logged data in standard Ethernet frames via the Technically Enhanced Capture Modules Protocol (TECMP), and thus allow for traceability of the source of traffic, on-the-source timestamp, packet counter, etc., making Ethernet the ideal logging network. In addition, it supports the PLP protocol. Therefore, Capture Module 1000 High emits messages timestamped with 40ns resolution, providing a fast and efficient solution, supported by its extended Power Mode for Car integration. These messages are sent within the PDUs of Ethernet MAC II frames via 1000BASE-T1 (or Gigabit Ethernet).

Several devices can be used on the same setup, whenever more 1000BASE-T1 ports are needed, and when other IVN technologies are present. The in-built-synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use with the other “IVN2Eth Capture Modules”, enabling the cascading with both other Capture Module 1000 High, or any other device within Capture Modules group.

Via Capture Module 1000 High’s webserver, the device can be easily configured. Additionally, it includes a rotary switch for the manual configuration of its IP Addresses.

Capture Module 1000 High includes a Startup Buffer and High-Speed Startup, so the initial Startup information is not lost. This way, the device is able to record all the important information emitted by the vehicle systems, without missing any message in the communication between devices.

Technica Engineering´s Capture Modules offer the most innovative and unique traffic capturing solution, with exclusive characteristics adapted to the current technological requirements in the automotive field. Many additional features make this device appropriate for general- purpose testing.

Our new generation of devices have the most trend-updated characteristics and requirements, and are used by mainstream OEMs of the fields, due to their great market acceptance.

  • 6 x Link Lines 1000BASE-T1 (12 Ports)
  • Technically Enhanced Capture Module Protocol (TECMP), which is royalty free and provides timestamping, source information, etc. (natively supported in Wireshark (v3.4), GPL C libraries for conversion to PCAPNG available at
  • Configure easily via webserver or via dedicated UDP frames
  • Network Time Synchronization supporting several standards- allows to synchronize multiple CM 1000 High or other Capture Module variants
  • Cascading for synchronization of multiple devices
  • Source timestamping with 40 ns resolution
  • High Speed Startup
  • Startup Buffer
  • Output Traffic Shaping
  • AVB/TSN Capture capable
  • Time-Aware Injection
  • Rotary switch for manual configuration of the device IP address (Gbit, RJ-45)
  • Wakeup capable
  • Extended Power Mode for Car integration
  • Optimized for automotive and automotive-like use-cases
  • High voltage range: 12 to 24 volt DC
  • Robust galvanized sheet steel with black powder coated housing
  • Size: 186 x 130,4 x 32,5 mm


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Capture Module 1000 High - Flyer
Capture Module 1000 High - EU Declaration of conformity


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Capture Module IVN technologies
CM 1000 High
Art.-Nr.: TE-1176

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