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ANDi tool
Part Number: TE-1700
Simplify your Test Experience with our renowned testing framework ANDi
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ANDi (Automotive Network Diagnoser) is a testing and analysis tool which is used for Automotive software and ECUs in every development phase. ANDi can be used on Windows and Linux PCs.

Our customers can simulate electronic networks, test components, and analyze the results in ANDi. The tool is designed to be a user-friendly framework in the complex technical environment of testing Automotive ECUs.


ANDi supports and connects many different hardware components such as Technica’ s own products (Capture Modules, EES, etc.) and easily fits into many existing test and validation processes.


The numerous features, extensions and functions implemented in ANDi are well-documented and include all the know-how of Technica that derives from many years of developing and testing Automotive networks. Further, any .NET extensions can be imported via the API interface.  ANDi can be used in any testing toolchain even without the GUI, via a connection with the ANDi SDK. In conjunction with Python as scripting language, this allows ANDi to cover all kinds of test scenarios, from simple to highly complex ones with powerful/high-performance features. These characteristic attributes in combination with the intuitive and helpful graphical user interface make the ANDi tool stand out as a particularly flexible and user-friendly software.


For more than 10 years, ANDi has been further developed and optimized by our team to continuously meet all current requirements of automotive testing as an effective, user-friendly framework.


Leading OEMs therefore rely on Technica Engineering’s competencies and experience for the development of next generation E/E architectures.



Two variants of our ANDi tool are available :


ANDi Premium is the full version of the tool containing all features and functionalities. This software requires a license which can be requested via


ANDi Free is a cost-free, reduced version of ANDi Premium. Among other features, it contains a configuration tool for our Capture Modules, as well as the ANDi Traffic Viewer with interfaces to configure our hardware products.


How to get the License for ANDi Premium

When you execute ANDi Premium for the first time, a dialog window pops up. It contains a CodeMeter Runtime kit, which is installed as virtual dongle.

Later you will see a file named “*****. WibuCmRaC”. Send this file to to get the license for the ANDi Premium version or a trial version.

To request a license, please send us an Email to with your commercial information.



Do you have any further questions? For all inquiries, please get in touch with our support team ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible

  • Scripting Tool: Creation of test cases and test scenarios in Python
  • Traffic Generator: Send messages on automotive bus systems
  • Signal Graphics : Intuitive time-correlated graphical representation of different signals on multiple buses.
  • Traffic Viewer: View, filter and analyse your traffic with time-synchronized logs
  • PCAP Recorder: Capture and observe the traffic of one or multiple busses
  • ANDi SDK: Use the ANDi functions or via command line or your favorite IDE
  • Windows and Linux: supported
  • Bus systems: CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, Analog & Serial interfaces
  • Automotive Ethernet: In depth features and functionalities
  • Simulations of the SOME/IP and SOME/IP SD protocols, ECU multihoming (several MACs and IPs including VLAN, ARP and ICMP on one simulation node)
  • Simulation nodes fully generated based on FIBEX and DBC
  • Support of high data rates for load tests
  • File formats for messages: FIBEX 4, LDF, DBC, DBC, FIBEX Ethernet, FIBEX CAN, ARXML CAN, ARXML (CAN, PDU, Ethernet), CAN(-FD), LIN, FlexRay
  • File formats for protocols: ASCII, PCAP, PCAPNG, MDF4, ASCII, CSV, PCAP, PCAPNG, BLF
  • Support of different OEM databases


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ANDi - technical flyer
ANDi Free - Flyer
ANDi SDK - Flyer
ANDi - Installation Guide


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1000BASE-T1 products 100BASE-T1 products Legacy buses products (CAN/-FD, LIN and FlexRay) SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS
ANDi tool
Art.-Nr.: TE-1700

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