Legacy buses products (CAN/-FD, LIN and FlexRay)

On this page, you can find an overview of Technica Engineering’s products that are designed for use with the Automotive legacy buses (such as CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, and FlexRay). At Technica, we develop modular solutions that are seamlessly interconnected. Our solutions are designed to handle the simultaneous use of legacy buses like CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, analog and serial interfaces combined with Automotive Ethernet (100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1) in a highly efficient way.
To cope with the current challenges in data handling for modern vehicles, we have developed an open protocol called TECMP (Technically Enhanced Capture Module Protocol) for measurement tools that allow the devices to transport logged data from all bus systems and Automotive Ethernet over Standard Ethernet for an uplink. The TECMP protocol encapsulates Ethernet frames completely, so every used protocol can be thoroughly analyzed (SOME/IP, UDP, …). The TECMP protocol is currently being standardized by the ASAM, it is a royalty and license-free protocol available on Github. The output is one data stream with all timestamped information from the different bus systems, no matter how many devices are used in the setup. Furthermore, Technica Engineering provides the right software tools for the data analysis.
Our devices in combination with the TECMP protocol are currently the most elaborated solution for logging systems on the market, which provide the user with high-quality data and identify and minimize packet loss. The TECMP protocol allows highly precise time stamping (40ns) and time synchronization across several devices via 802.1AS (gPTP). It further delivers metadata, such as the voltage and temperature of devices and the type of each message (Was the original message a CAN, LIN, FlexRay, etc. message?). With this in-depth integration of legacy systems with Automotive Ethernet, our engineers have developed an outstanding solution for the testing and development of the E/E systems of tomorrow.