100BASE-T1 products

On this page, you see an overview of Technica Engineering’s solutions that use the 100BASE-T1 technology. The work with Automotive Ethernet at Technica Engineering goes back to the year 2008, where we did the first implementation of the BroadR-Reach™ technology for a vehicle in a project with Broadcom and BMW and provided an evaluation for the practicability of the technology in an Automotive context.
In 2010, Technica Engineering launched the first MediaConverter worldwide, being the first company on the market to deliver a product for the conversion between standard Ethernet (i.e. from a computer) and 100Mbit/s Automotive Ethernet. One year later in 2011, we launched the MediaGateway with 12 Broadcom 100BASE-T1 ports as the first switch-based device on the market available for Automotive Ethernet. Moreover, Technica Engineering developed the first SFP module for the 100BASE-T1 technology. Today, we are still in a continuous state of development to strengthen our position as a leading-edge technology vendor for testing and development tools and to constantly bring new solutions to the market.
A deep understanding of the Automotive Ethernet Technology is one of Technica Engineering’s core competencies, driven by our CTO Thomas Königseder. Today, Technica Engineering offers a range of well-developed, robust products using 100Mbit/s Automotive Ethernet that have proven their reliability and performance in a large variety of use cases and projects. Many of our newest products, like the Enhanced Ethernet Switch, contain ports that can be used both for 1000BASE-T1 and 100BASE-T1 connections.