1000BASE-T1 products

On this page, you can find an overview across Technica Engineering’s solutions that are designed for the development and testing of systems and components using the 1000BASE-T1 technology. As pioneers of Automotive Ethernet, at Technica Engineering we are strongly involved in future-oriented, central E/E architecture design projects at OEMs and develop products for the most critical requirements of contemporary E/E system development and testing.
Additionally, to develop our products at the pulse of the market, we are actively defining the future of the Automotive Ethernet Technology in committees such as the OPEN Alliance. In 2016, Technica Engineering released the worldwide first MediaConverter for a conversion of standard Ethernet (i.e., from a computer) to Automotive Ethernet with a transmission speed of 1Gbit/s (1000BASE-T1). Our Capture Modules were developed to enable a highly precise, time-synchronized, and performant active tap solution for Gigabit Automotive Ethernet data logging. As a specialist device, the Capture Module 1000 High is the first device on the market to provide a 10Gbit uplink to a test PC or data logger, allowing to handle the traffic of twelve 1000BASE-T1 connections (six link lines). To be able to fulfill the testing needs of the most advanced contemporary E/E systems. In 2021 we released the Enhanced Ethernet Switch, a unique, AVB capable Automotive Ethernet Switch that includes up to ten 1000-BASE-T1 connections.
To come up with the different connectors for the 1000BASE-T1 technology that are available on the market, at Technica we offer different variants of products with for example H-MTD, MATEnet, or Nano MQS connectors. Additionally, we have developed a cable and adapter strategy to support our customers in the current times of rapid technological change, to achieve a maximum level of flexibility. All in all, you can be sure that at Technica, we deliver solutions for 1000BASE-T1 that stand out in terms of quality, performance, and reliability.