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Do you have any technical problems with our Hardware and Software products? Are you not sure which is the ideal Technica Engineering solution for you?  Please contact, our experts will be happy to help you!!

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    • Guideline for the return of products

      Dear business partner,
      to return devices to us as quickly and as efficiently as possible, please follow the steps below.

      If you have general support questions regarding our products, please refer to us via Email to

      Return Procedure

      1. For the return of products this form is necessary.
      2. Please fill the form thoroughly.
      3. Please, print the form and enclose it in the package.
      4. Following this, please send your parcel within 5 business days to:

      Technica Engineering GmbH
      Carl-von-Linde-Str 15
      85748 Garching b. Munich

      To ensure prompt processing, please make sure to always enclose the form. We might be unable to process your request and must return the package to you if we receive it without the filled out form.

      RMA execution internally (only for packages with RMA form)

      1. The processing time after arrival is 14 business days.
      2. If the devices are returned within the warranty time, free of damage or misuse, there will be an immediate replacement (new goods) if the goods are in stock. In this case, tracking is sent to the customer by email. In other cases we will reach out to you within the processing time

      For returns for the purpose of disposal, please follow the process outlined above. When filling out the return form, please enter “disposal” as the reason,

    • More Information

      Meaning of the symbol for the marking of electrical appliances

      The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin on electrical appliances indicates that they must be

      collected separately and means that they must not be disposed of with household waste.


      Personal responsibility with regard to the deletion of personal data

      We explicitly point out that according to § 19a ElektroG you are responsible to delete any personal

      data on the appliances considered for disposal.


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