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Our creative engineers and consultants are ensuring a productive and diverse working atmosphere at the development of components and networks, conception and prototyping or during testing and evaluation. You are exactly right with us, if you are interested in new technologies and are fascinated by progress in the automotive industry.

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Reasons for Technica Engineering

Your benefits as a
Technica Engineering employee

You occasionally drive test vehicles on road tests in the city and on test tracks.

You work directly at our customers in the development of electronics.

Record your flexible working hours via our time tracking app.

We offer you a long-term, secure position with an equitable compensation.

We are able to develop and produce our own testing devices for our projects.

You will work at modern workplaces and with qualitative working tools.

You will have the freedom of decision in the execution of our projects.

We offer skill enhancement programs for every colleague (certificates, management, subject-specific).

The Topics you'll work on
at Technica Engineering

  • Gigabit Ethernet

    A very important and up-to-date topic in the car construction industry are the quantities and speed of data. Because a car is more a computer than it is just a car, an enormous amount of data has to be conveyed. We work on technical solutions to enable data interferences in the 10-gigabit range.

  • Automotive Ethernet

    The ultimative data bus in the automobile of the future. We are technological pioneers in the field of „Automotive Ethernet“ for instance and have assisted BMW in the introduction of Automotive Ethernet in their vehicles in 2012.

  • Driving Test Vehicles

    We test the control devices of our customers in the laboratory or directly in the vehicle. This also means driving the test vehicles in the city and on test tracks. You will be able to drive the legendary „Erlkönig“ (pretest vehicle).

  • Autonomous Driving

    Some of our projects are in the fields of testing and test development of control devices for future driver assistance systems. We are testing if a vehicle can drive autonomously and get to drive the „Erlkönig“ ourselves.

  • Product Development

    We develop and manufacture our own electronic products which we use as tools in testing projects or for our customers. The devices are being developed and tested in-house before start of production.

  • Test Development

    We test and develop tests for our customers regarding all control devices inside an automobile. We are always in the tune of times and can become acquainted with the newest technical devices and line of products, usually in the pre-stage of the product development.

  • Car Sharing

    We consult some of our clients in the optimizing and testing of their carsharing products. Our carsharing department tests all features, like the satellite network for instance, inside the vehicle. Most of the time we get to work with interesting pretest vehicles, which we can test in road tests.

  • ASD Active Sound Design

    We consult some of our customers in the field of ASD for vehicles with and without combustion engines. This is how driving noises can be enhanced or be noticed in the first place.

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